Academic Programs

IIT Gandhinagar offers a unique choice based curriculum where students have the freedom to take courses from any discipline and any level

The academics programmes within the discipline of biological engineering have also been developed keeping in mind this interdisciplinary nature of the institute. The courses cover topics in fundamentals of life sciences such as Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience as well as in the applied biological engineering such as Genetic Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Nanobiotechnology, Biomedical Engineering and Computational Biology.

M.Tech in Biological Engineering

The M.Tech program in Biological Engineering has been designed with a focus on research and enables the students to gain thorough understanding the area of Biological Engineering. The curriculum involves courses not only from Biological Engineering but also other disciplines including Humanities. Completion of an open ended thesis project is a compulsory requirement of the course and exposes the students to hands on research environment. The courses in offer can be seen here.

Further details about the M.Tech program at IIT Gandhinagar and the expectations from students can be seen here. 

The admission to M.Tech program typically requires a GATE score and qualification in the interview. Further details can be seen here.

Apart from the regular M.Tech program, IIT Gandhinagar also offers admission through an Early Admit M.Tech program. For details about this program please visit this page.

The discipline also offers a one year PGDIIT programme without the thesis component of the M.Tech. 

Ph.D. in Biological Engineering

This is the flagship programme of the discipline of Biological Engineering and has been developed with the aim of training bright, motivated and creative students that have a deep passion for research. The Ph.D programme offers opportunity to students to pursue their research in any of the diverse areas of Biological Engineering currently  represented by the core or associated faculty members including but not limited to –

  • Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

  • Development of Nano biocatalysts and theranostics

  • DNA Nanotechnology and Nanodevices

  • Biomedical Imaging and Tissue Engineering

  • Neuroscience and Neurodegeneration

  • Protein misfolding

  • Evolution of transposons

  • Oncogene addiction mechanisms and transcriptomics

  • Biomolecular crystallography and structural biology

Further details about the Ph.D. programme at IIT Gandhinagar can be seen here

The details regarding admission to the Ph.D Programme can be found here

IIT Gandhinagar also offers a Start Early Ph.D admission to the highly motivated students interested in research. The details of this programme can be seen here